$180.00 per metre
Tax included.

'Floofs' 74% Baby Suri Alpaca 26% Mulberry Silk
50g skeins, 300m/328yds

Introducing Floofs, the ultimate blend of luxury and whimsy in a knitting yarn. This extraordinary yarn combines brushed suri alpaca and silk, creating a soft and fluffy texture that will enchant and delight you.

Each skein of Floofs weighs 50 grams and offers an impressive 300 meters of yarn. This generous yardage ensures that you have plenty of material to bring your creative ideas to life, allowing you to knit or crochet with abandon.

Prepare to be captivated by the irresistibly soft and fluffy nature of Floofs. The brushed suri alpaca fibers create a gentle halo effect, adding an extra layer of coziness and warmth to your projects. The silk content lends a subtle sheen and a touch of sophistication, making Floofs a truly luxurious choice.

Floofs is a slightly heavier weight alternative to kid silk mohair, offering a unique option for those who may be allergic or simply looking for something fun and different. This delightful yarn allows you to achieve a similar ethereal and airy effect in your projects without compromising on softness and comfort.

Embrace the versatility of Floofs as you explore a world of creative possibilities. From delicate and feminine shawls to cozy and stylish sweaters, Floofs adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to any design. Let your imagination run wild and create pieces that reflect your unique style.

Indulge in the tactile pleasure of working with Floofs. The softness of the alpaca and the smoothness of the silk make each stitch a joy to create. Experience the satisfaction of seeing your projects come to life, enveloped in the plush texture and luxurious feel of Floofs.

With Floofs, you can create stunning accessories and garments that are both fashionable and comfortable. The softness and warmth of this yarn make it perfect for cozy scarves, hats, and mittens, while its drape and elegance lend themselves beautifully to shawls and wraps.

Let Floofs transport you to a world of softness and delight. Immerse yourself in the magic of this brushed suri alpaca and silk blend yarn as you create unique and unforgettable pieces. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the journey with Floofs, the perfect blend of luxury and fun in a knitting yarn.