Lise Tailor Fabrics Needle minder – Teapot Cozy at home

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Attention embroiderers, are you tired of looking for your needle and not knowing where to put it? This very useful little tool is here for you! This adorable magnetic needle holder will take good care of your needle for you between two embroidery sessions.

Position the magnet under your workpiece, and position the top part (the flat part) right on top. The force of the magnet will allow your needle to drop and stay put. No more risk of damaging your fabric by stitching your needle into it!

Gold finish and is pretty enameled. Exclusive Lise Tailor magnetic needle minder in the shape of a teapot printed with delicate flowers.

If you are embroidering thick fabrics, the strength of the magnet may not be sufficient to hold the needle in place.

Qty of product: 1

Product Size: 2.5 cm (1 in) large and 2.5 cm (1 in) high

Total: 0.25 metres