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Fabric 101: What is Eco Vero?

Fabric 101: What is Eco Vero?

Eco Vero: A Sustainable Fabric Choice

The impact that the textile industry has on the planet is a well documented matter and most of us know of the terrible impact that fabric production and the fashion industry has on the planet.

Sewing is a consumptive process and so whether we sew for work, pleasure or both, the fabric that we choose and how we minimise our waste is can make a big difference to making out sewing journey a sustainable one. 

There are many things we can do to make sure we take a considered approach to what we sew. One of those is thinking about the fabric that we sew with and making choices, where we are able to, to sew with more sustainable fabric options.

Luckily, there have been some huge developments in recent years to create some more sustainable fabric options and EcoVero is one of them.

So, What is EcoVero?

EcoVero is a viscose/rayon fabric made from sustainable and renewable wood pulp sourced from certified and controlled forests. It is developed by the renowned fabric brand, Lenzing, known for the creation of Tencel.

Despite being a plant based fabric, standard viscose products can be very harmful to the people who produce it, and to the environment. Although EcoVero is made from the same product, it's production process is very different, 

Lenzing ensures that the forests used for sourcing the raw material are managed responsibly, minimising the impact on ecosystems and biodiversity. EcoVero is created with an environmentally responsible production process and a closed-loop system. Over 99% of the chemicals and water used in the production are recovered and recycled, minimising waste and reducing environmental pollution. This closed-loop process significantly reduces the carbon footprint and water consumption associated with traditional viscose production.

Along with this closed loop system, the production of Eco Vero emits significantly fewer greenhouse gases compared to conventional viscose. Lenzing reports a 50% lower emission level for Eco Vero compared to the industry average for viscose production.

The closed-loop production process of Eco Vero contributes to water conservation. The water used in the manufacturing is recycled and reused, minimizing water consumption and reducing the strain on freshwater resources.

EcoVero also has enhanced traceability as Lenzing provides a reliable and transparent supply chain for Eco Vero. The company has implemented stringent tracking systems that allow for traceability of the raw materials throughout the production process, ensuring accountability and ethical sourcing.


What does Eco Vero feel like?

EcoVero has a luxurious feel and it is known for a silky-smooth texture and wonderful drape. When you hold this fabric in your hands, you'll immediately notice its softness and flow. It drapes beautifully, allowing you to create garments that exude elegance and sophistication. 

Eco Vero is a breathable fabric, making it ideal for clothing in all seasons. It allows air to circulate, keeping you cool and comfortable during hot summer days. Additionally, it possesses excellent moisture absorption properties, helping you stay dry and fresh throughout the day. 


What can I make with EcoVero?

EcoVero is a versatile fabric that is easy to sew with allowing you to create a wide range of garments, from flowy dresses and blouses to skirts and drapey trousers. Its drape and fluidity make it perfect for creating stunning designs with beautiful movement. Plus, Eco Vero is easy to cut, sew, and press, giving you a smooth sewing experience and professional-looking results.

Eco Vero is a fabric that loves colour and prints as it takes dyes exceptionally well, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting colours. So whether you're a fan of bold and vivid hues or prefer soft and delicate pastels, Eco Vero will bring your colour palette to life. 

So if you are a sewist who values high-quality, sustainable fibres, Eco Vero is an essential addition to your fabric stash and sewing project queue. With its luxurious feel, eco-friendly production, versatility, and easy sewing characteristics, EcoVero enables you to create stunning garments that not only make you look good but also feel good about your environmental impact.

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Images shows Rootid Eco Vero Twill in 'ReCharge' 



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